** Franchise Your Business For Growth and Profit

Available for your review is a free 10-page white paper on franchising your business including a detailed checklist to see if your business is a good candidate for franchising.  Ask for your no obligation .pdf copy of "FRANCHISE IT!"  bmw.brianmwilson@gmail.com


Smartly Acquired and Integrated

​​...but not too much. You can borrow your own money (from a qualified retirement account) through ROBS - Rollovers For Business Start-ups. Or maybe through a portfolio loan.  Or perhaps a loan backed by the SBA. Regardless we can help you connect with numerous bank and non-bank lenders to fund the purchase of a franchise, an existing business, or even commercial real estate for your business. 

Grows Brands and Drives Revenue

​   Search - Evaluate - Model - Propose - Negotiate - Due Diligence - Fund - Close

The Right Identifiable Opportunities


Strategic thinking uncovers potential opportunities for creating value; it focuses on finding and developing unique opportunities by enabling a provocative and creative dialogue among people who can affect a company's direction...

                                                              ​ Strategic Growth Consult can help facilitate the process.

Corporate - (SmB) Small/mid-sized business:

​   Search - Evaluate - Model - Propose - Negotiate - Due Diligence - Fund - Close




​​​​Change your life style by buying into a franchise system. Don't re-invent the wheel. Get started quicker. Grow your new business and sell it -- after one year or after 10 years -- for a premium price. You decide how big to go:   Master Franchisee, Area Developer, Multi-Unit at Initial Purchase, or Single Unit (then expand).  Get started growing your future -- we can help with evaluation and negotiation.

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​If you hit the target every time,

 maybe it's too easy.

Horizontal                                      (Competitor)

Vertical                                          (Supplier, Customer, Other)

Add-On Business                          (New/Related Type of Business)

Add-On Technology or Service     (In-Source Widely Used in Company)

Develop Franchise - Become A Franchisor**

Sell Franchises to Franchisees

New Locations

New/Updated/Larger Scale Facilities

​   Search - Evaluate - Model - Propose - Negotiate - Due Diligence - Fund - Close