Driving corporate and smb growth through acquisition and franchising


Now is a great time to consider strategic actions to improve and grow your current operations.  For many businesses logical and expedient business acquisitions make more sense than organic growth and unknown risk.  If you have strong branding and systems, then franchising may be an outstanding way to grow without expensive build outs and labor concerns.  And, perhaps through real estate -- either lease or buy -- you can add on extra locations, maybe add a strategically placed warehouse or yard.

buy yourself a franchise ​​

Buy a competitor... expand into new territories quickly and then grow the dickens out them. Buy an add-on company... for complementary products and services to sell in your business beyond new revenue, bring extra value to existing customers. Buy an add-on company...  to bring much used products and services in house under your control and cost savings. 

Franchising The Business

Find appropriate financing for your acquisition or expansion move... whether for buying an existing business, buying into a franchise, or for buying real property, there are varied avenues for funding; through bank and non-bank lenders.  Check out Rollovers For Business Start-Ups (ROBS) against qualified retirement accounts, loans against a portfolio of stock, bonds, or mutual funds, and of course SBA-backed and conventional commercial loans.

​​​​​Growth By:
Real Property Acquisition

Buy a franchise for your personal wealth building or for your favorite non-profit organization to run... there are hundreds to choose from but please do your due diligence just as closely as you would buying an existing business; definitely scrutinize the Item 19.  Also, and this is important, think about your exit strategy now at the same time you're thinking of buying in.  And, be sure to talk to at least two existing franchisees (of your choice). Use a franchise broker.

Franchise your business... whether you've already replicated your business with multiple locations or not, if your system can be documented and taught, then you can spread your concept -- and grow revenue -- by letting someone else expense the build out and daily operation. Makes great sense if there's demand for your product or service, but it's not right for corporate development.

Buy or lease real property to support growing your business... look for properties to serve as new locations; production, distribution, or retail.  Apply buy or lease modeling to figure out beyond utility which way will make you money; appreciation, depreciation, and equity building, or, pure lease write-off. If you buy, be sure to bifurcate the value of improvements to the land separately.

​​Growth By:
Business Acquisition
Financing Assistance ​​